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Channel NameLive?Information
.A3 NewsLiveAntenna 3 is a regional television channel of Veneto owned by TV Vision. It transmits local news, produces entertainment programs, sports and, above all, political talk shows. The channel was founded in 1978.
.AGR TVLiveAGR TV, the television of the Roman Coast, is part of the Radio Television journalism Association AGR. The channel's main objective is the integration of young people into the world of work.
.Antenna SiciliaRecAntenna Sicilia is a regional Italian television station own and operated by La Sicilia, the most important newspaper of Sicily. The most popular program of the channel, also known in Europe, is -Insieme- (translation Together).
.Canale 7LiveCanale 7 is a regional TV network from Monopoli. The channel was founded in 1988. Canale 7 offers news and informative programming that is taken care of by two newsrooms in Monopoli, headquarters, and Bari.
.Onda TVLiveOnda TV is regional TV station from Sant'Agata Militello. It is targeting people in the territory of the province of Messina and Palermo, Nebrodis and the Madonie, and also reaches some municipalities of
.Piu BluLivePiu Blu is a regional TV from Lombardia.
.PrimocanaleLivePTV or Primocanale TV is founded in 1992. The regional TV channel is based in Liguria, a region in north-western Italy, where Genova is the capital.
.Rai News 24LiveRai News 24 is an Italian (State owned) 24-hour all-news television channel. It was founded in 1999. It offers mainly International News, economical News and Business news.
.Rai Sender BozenLiveRai Sender Bozen is a German spoken service of the Rai for the region of South Tyrol. The channel is based in Bolzano, in the North of Italy. On the website recorded news is provided.
.Rei TVLiveRei TV is a privatly owned television station based in Acireale, a coastal city and commune in the north-east of the province of Catania. Rei TV was founded in 1982.
.Rete OroLiveRete Oro is founded in 1984 by a fusion of Lazio Telerimana and RTO. Rete Oro is a local TV channel based in Rome.
.RetesetteLiveRetesette is a regional TV station broadcasting for the region of Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardia e Liguria - Sede a Torino. The channel provides sports, news, politics and culture.
.Retesole RomaLiveRetesole Lazio is a television station in Rome, Lazio. The channel provides News and Entertainment programming. Media Player is required to view the stream.
.ROMAunoLiveROMAUno was founded in 2003 and is a regional TV channel based on Rome. They call themselves - The TV of the Romans. Programming is, as a result of this focused in the Romans and teir city!
.RTV 38LiveRTV 38 is TV network that has coverage in Tuscany, Liguria, Umbria, Marche and North of Lazio. It is based in Figline Valdarno (FI).
.Sky life TG24LiveSky life TG24 is a news channel, owned by Sky Italia. It provides round the clock news. It was launched in 2003. Its headquarters is located in Rome.
.TCILiveTCI or Televisione Cristiana in Italia, is a Christian Television Station based in Marnate, Varese and is part of TBE (Trinity Broadcasting Network). The channel broadcasts locally produced televangelistic programmes and programmes produced by the Trinity Broadcasting Network in the United States.
.Tele AkeryLiveTele Akery is a local Internet only TV channel from Napoli.
.Tele Rama NewsLiveTele Rama News or TR News is a local TV channel from Lecce. It offers various programs with a local character from economics to sports.
.TelecittaLiveTelecitta is a regional TV channel based in Vigonza. Telecitta provides TV-shows, live coverage of regional events and in-depth-interviews.
.TelecoloreLiveTelecolore is a local TV channel from Salerno.
.TelemoliseLiveTelemolise is a television station in Campobasso, Molise. It is providing programs including News, Information, Culture, and Sports. It was launched in 1975.
.TelenordLiveTelenord is a local TV channel from Genova.
.TelePaviaLiveTelePavia is a local TV from the city of Pavia. The channel was launched in 2010 and broadcasts 24 hours a day programs consisting primarily of news, current affairs and entertainment.
.TeleromagnaLiveTeleromagna is a regional TV station based in Cesena, Romangna. It provides news, current affairs, politics, social issues, sports, fun, with a particular focus on the enhancement and promotion of the Romanga region.
.TelesirioLiveThe privatly owned radio and television broadcaster Telesirio Ltd. was founded in 1979 and serves the Abruzzo region. The current programming provides daily information through Telesirio News, reports on major sporting events, weekly columns, in-depth services with movies and interviews with the protagonists of public life.
.TelesudLiveTelesud TV is a local TV station from Palermo ( Sicily ). It was founded in 1985. It provides culture, fashion and entertainment programs.
.TG Norba 24LiveTG Norba 24 is a news TV channel owned by the Norba Group. The channel was launched in 2010. The news focuses on events in the south of Italy. The headquarter is based in Conversano in the province of Bari.
.TirrenosatLiveTirrenosat is a local TV channel from Catania.
.TLT MoliseLiveTLT Molise is a regional television broadcaster that illuminates the Molise region of Molise, Lower Abruzzo, northern Apulia and some towns of Campania and Lazio.
.TRGLiveTRG TV is a regional TV channel serving the region of Perugia, Foligno and Terni. It offers local news and informative programs.
.TRS TVLiveTRS TV is a local TV station from Lombardy Vailate (Cr).
.TRSPLiveTRSP (Tele Radio San Pietro) is a Christian TV channel from the town of Vasto in Abruzzo. The channel was founded in 1985.
.TV OggiLiveTV Oggi (or TV Today) is a regional TV station from the city of Salerno in the porvince of Salerno. It was founded in 1978 on the initiative publisher Ettore Lambiase.
.TV Padre PioLivePadre Pio TV broadcasts from San Giovanni Rotondo. It is a Catholic channel and was launched in 2003. It wants to spread the message of the Gospel, through the teachings and experience of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.
.TV ParmaLiveTV Parma is a loccal TV from Parma, a city in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. This TV channel focuses on informative, entertaining and cultural programs related to the city of Parma.
.TV9 TelemaremmaLiveTV9 Telemaremma is a television channel from Tuscan. It was launched in 1977 in the city of Grosseto. The channel mainly offer informative programs. Five editions of the daily news, but also self-produced numerous programs dedicated to reality 'premises and to their story: landscapes, society', economy, history.
.VideolinaLiveVideolina is a local TV channel, located in Cagliari, Sardina. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. It produces various programs like information, entertainment, sports, music, culture, folk tradition. The channel was founded in 1975.
Italy Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
two Italian media giants dominate - the publicly owned Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) with 3 national terrestrial stations and privately owned Mediaset with 3 national terrestrial stations; a large number of private stations and Sky Italia - a satellite TV network; RAI operates 3 AM/FM nationwide radio stations; some 1,300 commercial radio stations (2007)
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