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Channel NameLive?Information
.ATV BakuLiveATV or Azad Azerbaijan TV is a privately held TV station based in Baku, the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan. It was founded in 2000. ATV offers a variety of news and
.AZTVLiveAZTV is the official Azerbaijan State TV. The channel was founded in 1956. It provides general programming including News, Sports, Film and Entertainment.
.GunAz TVLiveGunaz TV is a South Azerbaijani TV channel. It broadcasts issues of North and South Azerbaijan, politics and live discussions. It broadcasts from Chicago, Illinois.
.Ictimai TVLiveIctimai TV is part of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company ITV Azerbaijan. Ictimai TV attaches more importance to education and enlightenment with their informative, cultural, educative and entertaining programs..
.Lider TVLiveLider TV, is a privatly owned television channel in Azerbaijan. It was founded on 1 September 2000. It offers varied programs inluding news and TV series.
Azerbaijan Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
3 state-run and 1 public TV channels; 4 domestic commercial TV stations and about 15 regional TV stations; cable TV services are available in Baku; 1 state-run and 1 public radio network operating; a small number of private commercial radio stations broadcasting; local FM relays of Baku commercial stations are available in many localities; local relays of several international broadcasters had been available until late 2008 when their broadcasts were banned from FM frequencies (2010)
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