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TV channels from Somalia - web Online
Channel NameLive?Information
.Kalsan TVLiveKalsan is a TV channel headquartered in London.
.TV RoyalLiveRoyal TV is the biggest Somali commercial television network in the world, broadcasting the most talked about television and making a major contribution to: religion, piece, economy, tradition, culture and communities. The Headquarter is based in London.
.Universal TVLiveUniversal TV is headquartered in London.
Somalia Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
state-owned public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Somalia (RTVS), operates 3 national TV stations and multiple national and regional radio networks; roughly 35 privately owned TV stations operating nationally, regionally, and locally; about 40% of households are connected to multi-channel cable or satellite TV; more than 20 privately owned radio stations (2008)
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