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Channel NameLive?Information
.CBCLiveCBC-TV 8 is a TV station owned and operated by public broadcaster Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. CBC's studios and offices are located North of Wildey at The Pine, Saint Michael.
.Cinestream TVLiveCinestream TV is a Barbados based digital TV Channel providing local content such as original programming, cultural shows and news. Its headquarters is based in Christ Church. The mission of Cinestream is to be the leading global supplier of Barbadian and eastern Caribbean digital video content and visual media. The official launch is October 2014.
Barbados Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
government-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) operates the lone terrestrial TV station; CBC also operates a multi-channel cable TV subscription service; roughly a dozen radio stations, consisting of a CBC-operated network operating alongside privately owned radio stations (2007)
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