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Channel NameLive?Information
.Antofagasta TVLiveAntofagasta TV is a regional Television channel based in Antofagasta, a port city in northern Chile.
.Canal 5LiveCanal 5 is a local TV channel based in Puerto Montt, a Port City located at the northern end of the Reloncavi Sound in the Llanquihue Province, Los Lagos Region.
.Contivision Canal 4LiveContivision is a local TV channel based in Los Maulinos.
.La RedLiveLa Red is a regional TV channel based in Macul. La red's mission is to entertain, inform and help viewers to build their own opinion and identity.
.Rocco TV CoyhaiqueLiveRocco TV is an Internet TV channel from Coyhaique.
.TV Red Punta ArenasLiveTV Red is a general TV channel from Punta Arenas. TV Red or Network TV is a regional cable television company that began operations in 1990 with the mission to deliver entertainment, fun and culture for the whole family in the Magellanic Community.
.UCVTVLiveUCVTV is a Catholic TV channel. It is based in the city of Vitacura in the province of Santiago. It delivers cultural, informative and entertainment programs.
.VTV2LiveVTV2 is a local TV from San Felipe, San Felipe de Aconcagua Province. It provides regional news and educational, informative and cultural programs.
Chile Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
national and local terrestrial TV channels, coupled with extensive cable TV networks; the state-owned Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) network is self financed through commercial advertising revenues and is not under direct government control; large number of privately owned TV stations; about 250 radio stations (2007)
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