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TV channels from Haiti - web TV
Channel NameLive?Information
.Haiti Media TeleLiveHaiti Media Tele is a Web TV channel. The channel is based in Paris, France.
.Shalom TVLiveShalom TV is a Christian TV channe from Port-au-Prince. It's mission is to guide people of all backgrounds in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The headquarter is based in Boston, USA.
.Tele Lakay TVLiveTele Lakay TV is haitian television station with programing intended for people from all the islands specifically those from Haiti living in the United States. The intention of the channel is to entertain, inform and uplift our people.
.TelebostonLiveTeleboston is an Internet TV channel based in Boston, US. Its mission is to produce and web cast programs on educational, religious and cultural conservation in order to promote national unity, conserve heritage and promote the Haitian culture throughout the worldreligious and cultural conservation.
Haiti Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
several TV stations, including 1 government-owned; cable TV subscription service available; government-owned radio network; more than 250 private and community radio stations with about 50 FM stations in Port-au-Prince alone (2007)
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